We Lighten Your Administrative Load

We all know how difficult the current labor market has made it to find quality teachers. RISE Education attracts teachers you won’t find anywhere else. And there’s no breaking-in required: They come skilled, trained, and ready to take your programs to the next level.

Let us know what we can do to alleviate your stress, improve your school’s reputation, delight your parents, and deliver the best possible education to your students.

Specialty Teachers
Specialty Teachers

Proven Curriculum, Customized for Your School

Our programs begin with standards-based curriculum for each subject. We understand that every school and community is different and may have unique needs. We work with you to tailor the curriculum to your specific needs. Some examples of ways our schools have customized the curriculum include:

  • Adjusting curriculum to align with Diocese/Archdiocese or other church curriculum standards
  • Incorporating culture or history into world language classes
  • Cross-discipline programs collaborating on art, music, and language culminating in a cultural event
  • Designing curriculum for fewer or more classes for a particular subject

Our flexibility makes it possible for us to deliver specialty programs and enrichment programs the way that you need to within your school and your community.

Talk to our team about your unique needs, and our program managers will design and implement with our teachers to meet them.

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If you’re looking for a specialty teacher or interested in a specialty program for your school, let’s start the conversation!    

Zero Administrative Headaches

When you work with RISE Education, we take care of all our teachers’ HR and administrative needs. Our goal is to save you time and reduce administrative hassle. We also support our teachers by providing professional development such as:

  • Classroom management
  • Social/emotional learning
  • Child development
  • Subject-specific training

RISE Education teachers can make cultural experiences a focal point for your schools’ calendar. We believe that schools serve a critical role in communities, and we know that world languages, art, music, and sports can bond students, families, and communities. Our teachers bring inspiration and collaboration to your school.

From band and choir concerts to field days to a Spanish Cultural Night led by our language, music, and art teachers, we can help your school provide culturally rich experiences for the whole family.

Bring Culture to Your Community & Attract Enrollment

Private, parochial and charter schools face stiff competition to attract families and students. Your specialty program can be a differentiation that enhances the educational experience.

Specialty Teachers


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