Preschool Programs

Ever wished you’d had an opportunity to learn a language, play an instrument, draw, or develop hand-eye coordination when you were little so that you wouldn’t struggle so much later in life?

As a preschool director, you have the opportunity to give your students the gift of a head start through RISE Education’s preschool programs in world languages, music, art, movement and yoga.

Each of these programs comes with a dedicated management team, a qualified and skilled teacher, a proven curriculum, resources, and substitute teachers when necessary.

All of RISE’s preschool classes are available to be taught on a full- or part-time basis as well as during the school day or as an extracurricular.

Contact us to inquire about offering any of these subjects through your school.


What schools are saying about Rise Education

“The staff at Little Linguists Arts Academy is exceptional. They always come prepared and even cater their lesson plans to our weekly themes. What really stands out about the teachers from LLA is not just how committed they are to their craft but also to the children they teach. The teachers at LLA not only remember each of the children at the school but if we have a new student in the class or if someone is absent. That attention to detail goes a long way with young children and making them feel special. It goes without saying that these small things are just sprinkles on top of the great interactive and educational classes. “

– Ms. Valerie Kravtsova, Director of Contemporary Preschool, Chicago

“Little Linguists Art's teachers are caring, kind and thoughtful in their immersive approach to learning a new language. Because it is offered here in an after-school setting, it is a fun and natural way of learning a different language for our Franklin Fine Arts students. I don't know of a better way to attack a new skill, than to be among friends that you know and feel comfortable in front of. The kids really thrived in this program!”

– Rebeka Barrera, Assistant Principal of Franklin Fine Arts Center, Chicago

“Before using your programs, I had tried a few different vendors, but none of them worked well. I completely lost faith in using other vendors at Northside Catholic Academy until I took the chance with Little Linguists Arts Academy. There is something really special about your programs. The quality, instructors, and delivery totally won me over!”

– Debra Sullivan, EdD, Assistant Director for Catholic School Leadership Chicago



RISE Education’s proprietary approach is designed and taught by native speakers with a focus on teaching young children. It also incorporates cultural instruction to give kids a sense of context that deepens their  educational experience.

We offer preschool-level courses in:

  • Mandarin Chinese
  • Spanish
  • French
  • Hindi
  • Arabic
  • German
  • Italian
  • Urdu

All levels include singing, dancing, movement, and fun activities in the child’s target language.

  • Learn nursery rhymes, simple words, and phrases
  • Participate in singing, dancing, and fun activities in the target language
  • Build on infant skills, adding the ability to speak in simple sentences
  • Answer yes/no and choice questions
  • Answer basic conversational questions like “What’s your name?” and “How old are you?”
  • Build on skills they learned as one-year-olds, answer choice questions in complete sentences
  • Answer simple, open-ended questions like “Which color crayon would you like?”
  • Participate in crafts using the target language
  • Continue adding to their vocabulary
  • Further develop their ability to speak in phrases and sentences
  • Answer questions like “Where do you live?” and “What’s the weather like today?”
  • Participate in activities like storytelling, art projects and worksheets in the target language


Our music classes are designed to instill a lifelong passion for music. All of our teachers play multiple instruments, so they know how to introduce them to their students and engage their natural enthusiasm.

In each 15-minute lesson, we will lay the foundation for a lifelong love of music by:

  • Introducing kids to new sounds and rhythms through singing songs, such as the name song, clap songs, drum songs, traditional songs, peek-a-boo songs and fingerplays
  • Encouraging fine motor skills and build core strength using tummy-time songs
  • Building on previous musical experiences
  • Teaching songs that will grow with children as they begin to move and crawl

In each 20-minute lesson, children will:

  • Continue developing fine motor skills through songs like “Wheels on the Bus” and “Happy and You Know It”
  • Learn gross motor skills through walking and dancing songs
  • Participate in rhythmic songs through shaking instruments and playing the gathering drum
  • Begin to recognize and recall songs
  • Sing traditional children’s songs as well as original songs

In each 30-minute lesson, children will:

  • Learn new concepts through songs
  • Continue developing fine and gross motor skills
  • Sing the ABCs, songs about colors or the weather
  • Learn fundamental music concepts such as high/low and fast/slow
  • Be introduced to new instruments alongside shaking instruments and the gathering drum

In each 30-minute lesson, children will:

  • Be introduced to additional instruments such as rhythm sticks, triangles, and maracas
  • Use those instruments to further develop their understanding of tempo, dynamics, and rhythm
  • Learn new songs from around the world

Students will not be responsible for purchasing new instruments or materials, which are provided by RISE Education instructors.




Combat future klutziness by introducing yoga at the preschool level. Our yoga instructors have worked with a variety of ages from infant on up. With preschoolers, the aim is to help students begin building flexibility, strength and coordination and mind-body health as well as self-awareness and self-regulation skills.

  • Massages
  • Gentle limb stretching to build flexibility
  • Sensory play
  • Integrate movements with sounds (such as shaker instruments and drums) to create sensory stimulation
  • Finger puppets
  • Play
  • Incorporate more complex movements
  • Introduce simple storytelling to foster imagination and creativity

At this age, kids are better able to develop concentration skills, discipline, and body awareness. We will build on that with:

  • Expanded storytelling
  • Use of simple games and yoga flashcards
  • Aromatherapy (provided there are no allergy issues in the class)


Our movement program encourages young children to be physically active through sports and fitness games, setting them up for a lifetime of health and happiness.

We will encourage fine and gross motor skills as well as large movements by:

  • Grasping different-sized balls
  • Moving through mini obstacle courses
  • For infants who are not yet able to move freely, we focus on tummy time and ball work.

In addition to continuing to build hand-eye coordination and basic motor skills, we will take advantage of students’ newfound ability to walk by having them:

  • Navigate more advanced obstacle courses
  • Pass and play with various sports balls

We will continue building on the skills learned at the infant and one-year-old level by:

  • Introducing simple games such as tag and tossing balls in a basket
  • Using those games to develop students’ ability to collaborate
  • Teaching students to have greater body control through games like freeze dance

At this age level, students will graduate to more structured play, using a variety of sports to further build:

  • Hand-eye coordination
  • Basic motor skills
  • Concentration skills
  • Discipline
  • Body awareness


Our visual arts program stresses activities that focus on making art in a positive, engaging, hands-on environment. Using age-appropriate projects, we will stimulate perception, hand-eye coordination, and language skills.

In each 15-minute lesson, we will:

  • Develop fine motor skills
  • Explore various mediums and sensory tables
  • Introduce a new medium (tempera paint, chalk, etc.) or sensory item (noisemakers, bottles, etc.) weekly using students’ fingers and hands
  • Introduce new textures for sensory stimulation

In each 20-minute lesson, we will:

  • Continue building fine motor skills through the use of fingerpaint and brushes
  • Build gross motor skills by sitting up on their own and grasping materials
  • Explore new mediums such as pencils, crayons, and markers as well as sensory items
  • Participate in cleanup to teach responsibility

In each 30-minute lesson, we will:

  • Teach students how to create more textural contrast in their art projects
  • Hone fine motor skills by using sensory items such as cotton balls, Q-tips, and clay while painting
  • Develop self-expression

In each 30-minute lesson, we will:

  • Utilize materials such as glue and safety scissors to create more challenging projects
  • Expose children to more intricate projects such as puppets, self-portraits, and 3D animals
  • Use advanced mediums to further develop students’ hand-eye coordination as well as their understanding of concepts like shapes, counting and spatial reasoning


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