Celebrating Lunar New year

Lunar New Year holds a special place in my heart. Initially, I celebrated it for myself, recognizing its significance as the biggest holiday in Taiwan and a time when I deeply miss home.

However, with the arrival of my children, my perspective shifted. Now, I celebrate to create cherished memories and share my culture with them.

When I started teaching Chinese, celebrating Lunar New Year became a communal affair where I was able to share this holiday with my students and community. Reflecting on the journey, I invite you to watch a video from a decade ago, capturing our early celebrations.

Celebrating Chinese New year
Traditional Lion Dance

Over the years, our school has flourished, and so has our Lunar New Year party. Our festivities include storytelling, exploring the significance behind Lunar New Year, and learning the joyous Lion Dance.

We also create crafts including making 春聯 (Chun Lian), the lucky decoration that keeps evil spirits away and brings in good fortune.

Join us as we celebrate the richness of Chinese culture and create lasting memories together.

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